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#165 - A Sustainable Internet for All

Hey everyone,

Welcome to issue #165, your weekly roundup of what’s happening in design, code and typography.

Thought provoking #

“We believe that the internet must serve our collective liberation and ecological sustainability. We want the internet to dismantle the power structures that delay climate action and for the internet itself to become a sustainable and positive force for climate justice.”

A Sustainable Internet for All. Mozilla launch ‘Branch’, a new online sustainability magazine.

Design and Code #

Accessible interactions. Jeremy Keith explores the last 20% of accessibility - where things get tricky - and shares hows how he attempts to cope with an accessibility landscape that looks daunting and ever-changing.

Prevent layout shifts with CSS grid stacks. Hubert Sablonnière shares a great technique to help you avoid layout shifts in components that change height and width.

Hands-On Sustainable Web Design. Laurent Devernay explains the problems caused by weighty websites and shows how to build light, performant ones instead that produce less carbon.

How to let all your users know what to expect when they click a link. A great approach that improves the user experience associated with target="_blank" links which open in a new tab.

Sean C Davis on Comparing Static Site Generator Build Times.

Typography #

Clamp seems to be most useful when you want broadly fluid typography, without being 100% specific about the relationship between the varying sizes.” Trys Mudford on adding clamp() support to the Utopia fluid responsive type project.

Humans are Bad at URLs and Fonts Don’t Matter. An interesting piece on homoglyphs – one of two or more graphemes, characters, or glyphs with shapes that appear identical or very similar – and their role in phishing website urls.

New from Monkrom, Fabric Serif is a stringent Roman with a sharp finish, complete with all the features you’ve come to expect from a reliable text typeface. Fabric Sans is an unassuming straight-sided grotesque. The design is guided by the interplay of apertures and letterspacing – a low-contrast typeface with high-contrast whitespace, hiding a radiant texture in plain sight.

Something to watch #

The secret to being a successful freelancer. Too often, freelancers are told they have to choose between being creative or making money. Financial expert Paco de Leon debunks this thinking and gives practical advice on how you can set yourself apart and get paid what you deserve.

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