#160 - Simplify your stack

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Welcome to issue #160, your weekly roundup of what’s happening in design, code and typography.

Thought provoking #

“Through integrating the full cycle into policy, improving designs and repairability, informing consumers about their decisions and incentivising green buying, Europe and its partners could lead the world in the development and promotion of sustainable internet technologies.“ Louis Stupple-Harris in Internet of Waste: How Europe can make the internet green.

“Things that lead to poor performance are things that take energy.” Chris Coyier in Thinking About Power Usage and Websites.

Design and Code #

Stefan Judis shows us How to schedule JAMstack deploys with Netlify and GitHub.

How to Simplify SVG Code Using Basic Shapes. Mariana Beldi walks through the code of commonly used icons and shows how we can redraw them to reduce the amount of code and improve performance.

Giving users and developers more control over focus. Chrome 86 introduces two new features that improve both the user and developer experience when it comes to working with focus.

Simplify Your Stack With A Custom-Made Static Site Generator. Bryan Robinson takes a humble HTML page and makes its content editable in a CMS with no frameworks and no client-side JavaScript.

Content delivery networks (CDNs). The definitive guide to improving performance by using a content delivery network from Katie Hempenius.

Typography #

Dinamo Type launch their new website and release two new typefaces alongside: ABC Maxi and ABC Diatype. The former is bold and exuberantly expressive, the other is a subtle, screen-reading-friendly grotesque.

Orna by Emily Jing Sum Chan falls in the realm of display typefaces influenced by Art Nouveau and Blackletter Calligraphy, all while emphasized under a contemporary light.

Talona is the latest release from graphic designer Ethan Nakache. Talona combines traditional and modern inspirations to produce a display typeface. “The main idea of the design was to take a classic drawing from the Didot and apply an oblique contrast axis and long serifs.“

The full recording from TypeWknd 2020 - Thursday.

Something to watch #

Designing with Accessible Color Contrast on the Web. Philip Zastrow explains the importance of accessible color contrast in web design, teaches you how to change color contrast on a Mac, and gives you steps to design with good color contrast.

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