#158 - Personal Brand Heuristics

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Welcome to issue #158, your weekly roundup of what’s happening in design, code and typography.

Thought provoking #

“When you see someone succeed, it’s much more important to understand the context of their vision. Don’t ask for the how. Understand their why. Go a step deeper. Ask why again. Understand their intention, and question their understanding.“ David Sherry in Why do Intentions Matter?

“A brand isn’t a destination. It’s a continuing process that evolves over time. So you’ve never made it, and you’re always nurturing it forward.” David Sherry in Personal Brand Heuristics.

Design and Code #

AVIF has landed. Jake Archibald compares how AVIF, the new image format derived from the keyframes of AV1 video performs against the more familiar and widely used image formats.

David Atanda with some tips to help you move Beyond Media Queries: Using Newer HTML & CSS Features for Responsive Designs.

SaaS Websites: Is shorter copy really better? “Sometimes the most persuasive argument you can form is longer. Sometimes it’s shorter. But the length of the copy doesn’t cause visitors to convert or bounce.“ An interesting read from Andrew Yedlin.

Entering product design is a new series of articles from Budi Tanrim which explores the roadblocks faced by junior in-house product designers, and mindset required to broaden your perspective and help you grow in your career.

Why CSS ::before doesn’t work on inputs and images from Šime Vidas.

Typography #

Grotta, is a font family created by Due Studio, is an irreverent, contemporary and neo-Grotesk typeface with strong geometric accents and sharp contrasts in its form. Characterised by tight apertures with an overall dynamic feeling. “It is our interpretation of the 21st-century Grotesk, exuberant, irruptive, and of course that winks at typefaces from the past such as Venus-Grotesk and Monotype Grotesque” state the duo behind the font’s design

Utopian css generator, an iteration. “The original generator prioritised the integrity of the type scales, which still works well for certain projects. This new generator introduces a layer of flexibility, removing restrictions without sacrificing the entire system.”

More than meets the eye: debunking of the display typefaces. Why are there so many prejudices against display typefaces? Maria Doreuli shares her personal experience and thoughts on the subject.

Something to watch #

Accessible Color Standards - Designing in the Browser. Una Kravets on color contrast. What the A, AA, and AAA conformance levels mean and how to ensure proper accessibility compliance for your own site.

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