#14 - Picasso’s process

Hey Folks,

Following a couple of weeks off in Italy, here are a few things I thought were worth sharing this week:

  1. We saw a great exhibition on the ceramic works of Pablo Picasso in Castiglione Del Lago. It shows part of this short film which follows Picasso experimenting with ideas in his studio. His creative process amazes me. It’s as if he’s playing. Creating for fun, to amuse himself, with no clear direction or concern for the outcome. Almost child-like in his approach, the end product seems far less important than the process itself.

  2. Austin Kleon touches on this idea in his recent post Learning how to Learn again, where he finds himself taking lessons from his son’s drawing process.

  3. If you’re ever in Florence forget queuing for the Uffizi and head straight to The Boboli Gardens. Also in the area is the Forte di Belvedere which is currently host to one part of YTALIA, an exhibition of contemporary art spread across the city. It featured this giant skeleton by Gino de Dominicis, as well as Mario Merz’s Igloo. Merz was a pioneer of Arte Provera, a movement which heavily influenced my work on the latest Dark Sky releases.

  4. A while back I shared Matej Latin’s email course on web typography. He’s just released an expanded version as an ebook. I’m only part of the way through, but for anyone interested in perfecting type on the web it’s a worthwhile read.

  5. Whilst I’m on the subject, here’s a great chrome extension which will tell you exactly what typefaces any website is using. The Typography Inspector will also help you analyse and improve the type on your website. This article explains how it works.

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