#110 - Living with purpose

Hey everyone,

Here’s your weekly roundup of interesting links on design, code and typography. This week I’ve included reads on living with purpose and deconstructing the work process of others.

Thought provoking #

What would it be like to live with purpose? To have meaning in the work that we do, and to structure our lives with that purpose in mind, and with the most meaningful relationships and activities? Live on Purpose from Leo Babauta

The Art of Deconstruction — How to Reverse Engineer Success. Matthew Encina explains his process of dissecting the work of others and applying what he learns to his own.

Design and Code #

Learning how to see will improve your ability to make judgements and do impactful work. An insightful read about perception from Matthew Ström.

Smoother & sharper shadows with layered box-shadows. Tobias Ahlin on using layered box-shadows to get fine-grained control over how shadows are rendered.

A new identity for Yahoo by Pentagram that focuses on helping users find a more personalised, customised experience online.

Thanks to Figma Plugins, Automated Work Spares More Time For Design. Samuel Wong shares 4 plugins that will speed up your design workflow.

Typography #

Which typeface are you really? Different type styles have very different personalities—what’s yours?

Introducing Decimal, a typeface that examines the distinctive form of lettering found on wristwatches, and explores the things that shaped it.

This typeface hides a secret in plain sight. And that’s the point. The story of Atkinson Hyperlegible, a new typeface designed for people with visual impairment.

37 Exceptional Font Pairings Trends in 2019 from Nice, Very Nice.

Something to watch #

Mind the gap, user centered design in large organizations a great talk by Luke Wroblewski.

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