#109 - Dealing with imposter syndrome

Hey everyone,

Here’s this weeks pick of interesting links on design, code and typography, with a few thought provoking reads thrown in for good measure.

Thought provoking #

”…as long as we’re putting our work in someone else’s hands, we forfeit our ownership over it. When we create a personal website, we own it.”

A love letter to my website. Tobias van Schneider on personal websites and ownership of content.

Imposter Syndrome. Everyones felt like they’re winging it at some point or another. Flavio Copes suggests the best way to deal with the feeling is to look back and appreciate how far you’ve come.

Design and Code #

The Bauhaus: Finding Creative Inspiration in Collaboration. Jens Riegelsberger on what UX can learn from the iconic design school.

CSS Grid: illustrated introduction. Mustapha Aouas dives into the grid property, building some easy and some less easy layouts.

Zach Leatherman takes a look at styling the scrollbar in Two Browsers Walked into a Scrollbar.

Where to put buttons on forms. Adam Silver with some no-nonsense form design advice.

Typography #

Microsoft announces Casadia Code, a monospaced font providing a fresh experience for command line interfaces and code editors. It’s open source and supports programming ligatures.

Google Fonts has launched a new version of their web font API that supports variable fonts.

Bit Tripper. Create a unique bitmap font from a vast space of glyphs generated by a neural network.

Something to watch #

“..instead of moving fast and breaking things, move slowly and deliberately instead.” Andy Bell on

Keeping it simple with CSS that scales.

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