#107 - Content and power usage

Hey everyone,

Here’s this weeks roundup of what’s new in design, code and typography.

Thought provoking #

How Web Content Can Affect Power Usage. Benjamin Poulain and Simon Fraser discuss factors that affect battery life and how to make pages more power efficient.

Why I have a website and you should too. Jamie Tanna reminds us of the many benefits of owning a personal website.

Design and Code #

Less Data Doesn’t Mean a Lesser Experience. Tim Kadlec with a few ideas on how to maintain a great experience in data-constrained environments.

A guide to CSS Subgrid from Hui Jing Chen

Large Devices Preferred for Important Tasks. Despite substantial improvements in mobile UX over the past decade, people still tend to do their most important online activities on larger screens.

Typography #

Leon Sans is an open-source geometric sans-serif designed with code. Create custom animations and effects using the HTML Canvas element and change font weight dynamically.

The Em Dash Divides. Why do people care so much about a piece of — no offense — punctuation? A piece of mixed opinions from Kate Mooney.

John D. Jameson explores Kerning & Ligatures in Letterspaced Type on the web.

Avatar used Papyrus to Signal the Downfall of Civilization

Something to watch #

The 2 day rule. Matt D’Avella on overcoming resistance, valuing consistency and creating a set of rules to regain control of personal and professional life.

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