#106 - Embracing fear

Hey everyone,

Here’s this weeks roundup of what’s new in design, code and typography.

Thought provoking #

Dancing with fear. A thoughtful piece from Zell Liew on embracing fear and using it to guide your work.

How to take notes on everything. Max Antonucci shares his approach to note taking using a variation of the SQ3R method (Scan, Question, Read, Record, Review).

Design and Code #

We’re doing it wrong: there is no ‘one perfect design’ or layout. Jason Pamental suggests taking inspiration from magazine layouts might help us “overcome the ‘sea of sameness’ with which we are confronted every day on the web.”

Bottom Navigation Pattern On Mobile Web Pages: A Better Alternative? Arthur Leonov explores how we might adapt our design patterns as phone sizes increase.

Lizzie Kardon’s SEO Cheat Sheet for Devs covers what you need to know pre and post launch for a new website or migration.

Line-clamp. A short introduction to the line-clamp CSS property from Geoff Graham.

Typography #

Ikea has updated its standard typeface to one that will function in any market, because it supports more than 800 languages.

Discovering Font Personality: 5 Font Psychology Insights That Will Improve Your UX Design from Dana Kachan.

Something to watch #

Inside NASA’s Challenge to 3D Print Future Habitats on Mars. NASA invited engineers and architects from around the world to design future habitats for Mars.

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