#104 - Vanilla HTML

Hey everyone,

Here’s this weeks roundup of what’s new in design, code and typography.

Thought provoking #

An Essential Tool for Capturing Your Career Accomplishments by Jessica Ivins.

Writing HTML in HTML. John Ankarström presents an interesting case for ditching your static site generator in favour of a website written in vanilla HTML.

Work Responsibly – A collection of resources for a healthy and balanced approach to work.

Design and Code #

46 Ideas for Elon Musk and Tesla. The story of how human-centric design firm Fantasy redesigned the Tesla UI.

A clear and concise explanation of why modern web development is so complicated from vrk.

IndieWeb Link sharing. Max Böck creates an awesome tool to share links on his static site via a bookmarklet, with the added option of syndicating to twitter.

UI cheat sheet: text fields. An extensive look at the components that make up text inputs from Tess Gadd.

HTML is the Web. Pete Lambert on why it’s so important to write semantic HTML, regardless of what JS framework you use.

Typography #

Karina Yazylyan wants typography to reach wider circles, rather than just designers. Words by Lucy Bourton.

Variable Font Animation with CSS and Splitting JS. Michelle Barker breaths some life into her type.

5 sneaky typography errors to avoid from Ryan Arruda.

Something to watch #

How do you develop “expertise”? Do you have to put in the 10,000 hours to master something? How do you overcome imposter syndrome? Why do creatives need to read more?

Chris Do shares his thoughts on How to build expertise whilst learning.

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