#09 - Successfully screwing up

Hey folks,

Here are a few things I thought were worth sharing this week:

  1. What I’m reading right now: Failed It by Erik Kessels. A short but insightful read on making a success out of screwing up. Kessels celebrates failure and imperfection, suggesting that original ideas are often found in accidents and moments of serendipity. Perfect is boring after all.

  2. I’ve found the articles written by the Marvel team invaluable throughout the time I’ve spent building front end UI kits and Sketch component libraries. In particular, this article on designing a maintainable style guide in Sketch and this one on building front end components. Building design systems is by no means easy, but taking the time to make one makes building scalable digital products infinitely easier! I plan to share my entire process soon as there are so many ways it can be done.

  3. If you’re sick of staring at your to do list, here’s a refreshing, anxiety-inducing product from GFDA: the Fuck It list. Sometimes it’s got to be said.

  4. A few nights ago, I was paging through the works of Max Huber. It set me off on a Swiss Style binge, looking back over the works of a few more graphic design pioneers: Joseph Müller-Brockmann, famed for his work on the grid system and Paul Rand, the undisputed king of corporate identity design.

  5. For your ears: You’ve been there before, when Youtube starts doing it’s own thing and you stumble upon a bit of a gem. Thanks to a clever Google algorythm I now know Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works 85-92.

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