#07 - Principles of good design

Hey folks,

Here are a few things I thought were worth sharing this week:

  1. Airbnb are bringing back the classic travel poster as part of their Experiences feature. Working with local artists and designers to capture the vibe of 12 different cities. Some great illustration.

  2. Humour me whilst I go all design geek, here are 10 Principles for Good Design as proposed by design veteran Dieter Rams. For those who don’t know, Rams was head of design at German brand Braun from 1961 - 1995, he is responsible for some the companies most iconic design. Always worth looking back over his words from time to time.

  3. After watching this video of author Danny Gregory going through his collection of old diaries, I decided to pick up a 5 year diary. I’m sick of forgetting what I’ve been up to. I’ve also been trying (..and failing) to write more, but sitting down in front of a blank page and then trying to fill it is daunting. 6 lines a day on the other hand seems doable.

  4. For your ears: Nils Frahm is my go-to when I need to listen to something different. In particular, this performance at Montreux Jaxx festival back in 2015 is a favourite. Frahm has just announced a worldwide tour kicking off in Berlin early next year.

  5. Nat Eliason has started a podcast. Although it’s aimed at college students and recent grads I’ve been enjoying it none the less.

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