#05 - Feeling no fear

Hey folks,

Here are a few things I thought were worth sharing this week,inspired by my recent trip to California:

  1. The day after we left Yosemite, legendary climber Alex Honnald free solos El Capitan for the first time in history. In case you didn’t know that means climbing without the aid of ropes. It’s difficult to comprehend how insane/terrifying this actually is. If you look up at El Capitan from ground level climbers are basically invisible. It’s a 3,000ft vertical granite wall. Turns out [neuroscientists are just as impressed](http://Science shows Alex Honnold feels no fear), and have been studying his brain to understand how he suppresses fear. Quite remarkable. With some sense, we stuck to hiking.

  2. We also spent some time in the Joshua Tree desert where the night sky is something else. I took a lot of pictures but shooting at night is a different thing altogether. I wish I’d seen this article beforehand;photographing the galaxy by renown adventure photographer Chris Burkard. One for next time.

  3. Chris mentions a great app called Photopills. I haven’t tried it out yet but it looks awesome for outdoor photography. It tells you where to find the best locals spots, the best time of day or night to shoot and even the trajectory of the sun and moon. Pretty awesome.

  4. For your ears: Flying Lotus — Coronus, The Terminator.

  5. Everything is a remix. This is a great documentary about creativity, originality and copyright. The TED talk is worth watching if you’re short on time.

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