#02 - Telling stories

Hey Folks,

Here are a few things I thought were worth sharing this week:

  1. I’ve been following the work of Oliver Jeffers lately. He makes children’s picture books and paints pictures, but what makes him stand out more than anuthing is his story telling. I often forget how important it is to tell great stories, in life and at work. Humans have used storytelling as a way to connect with one another, and articulate ideas, since time began. It’s the most effective way to communicate, so let’s not forget it. For a bit more inspiration check out Oliver’s Instagram. The amount of work he puts out is astounding.

  2. For those interested in marketing, here’s a great article on why our brains respond best to anything visual.

  3. Speaking of visual, one of my all time favourite moodboards is Haw-lin. There’s a lot of junk out there on the internet but this site is a rare gem that I’ve been coming back to for years. Fun fact: the name Haw-lin combines the two places which brought the founders together — Hawaii and Berlin. They now run a design and photography studio; Haw-lin Services

  4. Sketching is a big part of my design process. Often I won’t even take it to the computer until the idea has been signed off on paper. I love how quickly you can visualise concepts without being distracted by the fine details. Lately, I’ve been working on taking sketchnotes during talks, mainly to improve my sketching but also to visualise what I’m learning. A great way to get going is to pick a Ted talk and write down the important points in chunks. For more Sketchnoting techniques this talk by Eva-Lotta Lamm is helpful.

  5. For your ears: Dark Sky - The Walker. A track by two of my schoolmates, who I’ve worked with on pretty much all their releases over the past few years. This one is taken from their new album “Othona” which is based on idea of community and belonging.

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