#01 - Make good art

Hey Folks,

Welcome to the first ever email.

Here are a few things I thought were worth sharing this week:

  1. I discovered the work of Matej Latin quite recently. He’s lead UX at Autotrader but spends a good part of his free time working on awesome side projects. We had a quick chat last week on twitter about his latest project Better Web Type. It’s a free 10 part email course on everything typography. Well worth checking it out if type is your thing. Really digging his writing too.

  2. “Make Good Art”. This is Neil Gaiman laying it down to the UAL grads of 2012. A nice little reminder that none of us really know what the hell we’re up to. Just picture your mountain and keep heading towards it, one step at a time. It will all make sense sooner or later. Check out my sketchnotes on the talk if you don’t have 20mins to spare.

  3. My great pal Georgie Lucas got me on to Noisli a few weeks back. If you struggle to focus this app is a real game changer. Who would have thought background noise helps boost your productivity. Here’s my current favourite configuration, I’m calling it “Campfire Drone”.

  4. 5 ways Ben Franklin shaped Elon Musk’s world view. Let’s all agree Elon is the world’s raddest man. Anything Elon is always worth a read, this one will only take a few minutes.That’s it for now, thanks for reading.

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