Harry Cresswell


Brain—tactics 🤯 is a brief, weekly newsletter for creative types which may well improve your skills and enhance your brain capacity. Given a good internet connection I send it out every week on a Friday.

What topics does it cover?

Topics range from designing and building websites to typography, illustration and music. Recently I’ve included a whole bunch of good stuff from various corners of the internet, including things on:

  • Building design systems
  • Using CSS grid
  • Getting good with typography
  • Creating artwork with code

You can see examples from the archive anytime.

What makes it better?

Glad you asked. Unlike most newsletters that do the rounds, all the content from Brain—tactics is recorded and categorised in a searchable Airtable database. No more searching your inbox for that font bookmarking tool featured in issue 39.

Here’s some of the video content included:

Ok, that’s all I’ve got. If this sound good to you, leave your email below and join me every Friday. Your email will be kept safe at all times.

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