We can have a different web


“Nothing about the web has changed that prevents us from going back. If anything, it’s become a lot easier. We can return. Better, yet: we can restore the things we loved about the old web while incorporating the wonderful things that have emerged since, developing even better things as we go forward, and leaving behind some things from the early web days we all too often forget when we put on our rose-colored glasses.

When I envision the web, I picture an infinite expanse of empty space that stretches as far as the eye can see. It’s full of fertile soil, but no seeds have taken root. That is, except for about an acre of it.”

A wonderful reminder from Molly White that beyond the reinforced walls of big tech, “the old web” still exists. And those things that made the web what it was in the “good old days”, like setting up a personal site, blogging, using RSS, creating blogrolls, webrings, and so on is becoming easier and more accessible by the day.

We can have a different web from Molly White.
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