Harry Cresswell

Design Consulting

I’m here to help you bring your project to life. If you’re aiming to grow your business online I can help you in a number of ways:

  • Evaluate your business goals and make a solid plan of action.
  • Build a website which you can manage.
  • Create a strategy to find more clients and increase your revenue.
  • Optimise your current website to increase customer conversions.
  • Build and market your product to the right audience.

How we can work together

It can be a big decision choosing who you work with to build your business. In all honesty, there are many ways you can grow your business yourself — you don’t always need to spend money on design consultancy.

That being said, going it alone isn’t necessarily for everyone, in which case you might want to work with someone like me.

Below are a few of the ways I have successfully worked with people to build their vision and produce results.

Design strategy: report

We’ll discuss* your business objectives in depth, analysing your goals and identify strengths and weaknesses. Together we will formulate a plan of action for your online presence.

I will then write a detailed 1,000+ word report on how best to grow your business online.

*This can take place via Skype or in person

Marketing: Landing page and mailing list

If you have a product or an idea for one, then it’s time to get it into the world and get some feedback. This is the first step in building an audience.

I can design and build a simple one page landing page and set you up with a mailing list, so you can start collect emails and keep your prospective customers updated. From here you can follow up new leads and start converting customers.

Bespoke: design & code

If you need a bespoke Wordpress site or a way to sell your products online, I can help you with that too. I can also build a simple static site like this one.

Whatever it may be, if you want full control of your website and your users experience, then I can design and build an online experience for your audience.

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