Harry Cresswell

Hey there.

I made this site as a place to share my experience working as a designer and building things for the internet.

You’ll find articles on design and code and notes on interesting things I’m learning from books, courses and talks. I hope you pick up some useful tips whilst you’re here.

Harry Cresswell – UI/UI Design & Development

More about me

I’m an independent product designer from London. My work takes place in the grey area between UX and UI design and frontend web development. From problem solving concepts to executing high fidelity mockups and coding prototypes, I usually involve myself in projects from start to finish.

I live between London and Hamburg, where I work with a handful of clients, often remotely. In my free time I enjoy climbing, hiking, running and skiing. I practice meditation and yoga most days.

Where to go next

If you’re interested in working with me, you might like to read about a few possible ways we can work together. Or check out a few things I’ve made first. Here’s my full CV, for all those people who still ask for it.

Designers may find in my articles on building UI design systems interesting, you can find those on Medium. Developers can learn about building static sites with Hugo right here. If you’re interested in how I made this site you can learn about that on my Imprint page.

You can find me on Twitter for a chat and very occassionaly I check my LinkedIn, if that’s more your thing.

Let’s keep in touch

Finally, if you’d like to keep in touch please leave your email address below. Once a week, on a Friday morning, I send out a brief newsletter containing a roundup of useful articles, tools and other things worth sharing. If you have any questions or just want to say hi, you’re welcome to ask me anything you like, whenever you like.

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