Harry Cresswell

Design & Code

Hey, I’m Harry Cresswell, a freelance designer and front-end web developer based in London, England.

Harry Cresswell – Front-end Web Development

I focus on creating hand-coded Jamstack websites, with tools like Hugo, Eleventy, Netlify and Sanity.

I also write articles on building websites and curate a weekcly monthly newsletter mainly for front-end web developers. When I remember I try and keep notes on things I’m learning.

Where to go next

You can find out what I’m up to right now or check out a few recent projects to see what I’ve been working on lately. Read about some of the ways you can work with me, or take a look at my CV to get an idea of my experience.

Find out how I buit this site if you’re more interested in that. I’ve tried my best to list all the tools and techniques I used. Check out my uses page, if you want to know about my office setup and the tools I use most days.

Find me on Github, Codepen and Twitter if you have questions. Very occassionally I check my LinkedIn, but I’m not very good at responding.

Monthly Newsletter

Each month I share a roundup of articles, tools and tips for designers and front-end developers. Check out past issues and sign up to get on the list.