Harry Cresswell

Design & Code

Hey, I’m Harry Cresswell, a freelance front-end web developer and UX/UI designer from London, England.

Harry Cresswell – UI/UI Design & Development

I write articles on design and code and curate a weekly newsletter for designers and front-end web developers. I also keep notes on things I’m learning from books, courses and interesting things I find on the internet.

Currently I live between London and Hamburg, where I work with a handful of clients. In my free time I enjoy running, climbing, hiking and skiing. I practice yoga and meditation most mornings.

Where to go next

You can find out what I’m up to right now or read about some of the ways you can work with me. Alternatively, take a look at my CV to get an idea of my experience.

I’m working on a projects page, to case study some of my work, but it’s taking me a while. So, in the meantime check out a few things I’ve made.

If you’re more interested in how I buit this site, I’ve tried my best to list all the tools and techniques I used. Check out my uses page, if you want to know more about my office setup and the tools I use most days.

Find me on Github, Codepen and Twitter if you have questions. Very occassionally I check my LinkedIn, but I’m not very good at responding.

Weekly Newsletter

Braintactics is a weekly roundup of articles, tools and tips for product designers and front-end developers. I send it every Friday morning.